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Shire of Capel Tree Giveaway Project

The Shire of Capel is giving away 100 trees to residents in urban areas of Dalyellup, Capel,
Boyanup and Peppermint Grove Beach.

The aims of the project are to make our urban areas greener, maintain them as nice places to live, absorb carbon dioxide and other air pollution and provide a habitat for local birds and other animals.

You can choose from eight small to medium sized trees suited to urban blocks and the local environment. The trees are around 2-3 years old and already semi-established.

The trees are for you to plant in your front or back yard, but if you want a street tree for your verge then we may be able to provide one depending on your situation.

This offer is available to residents who live on urban blocks up to 1000m2 in the locations listed above. People who rent homes can also apply but will need to obtain the property owner’s consent first.

If you’d like a tree for your home:

• Decide where you want to put a tree and what type of tree is suitable e.g. small or medium
size, evergreen or deciduous, colour and type of flowers, etc
• Choose a tree from the list that best suits your requirements
• Email the Shire at info@capel.wa.gov.au with the subject heading Tree Giveaway and tell them
your name, street address, contact phone number and the type of tree you want
• Alternatively call the Shire of Capel on 9727 0222 or come into the Shire Office at 31 Forrest Road, Capel.

The first 100 people to contact the Shire will get a tree!

Offer open from 12 October 2016 – offer closes once 100 residents apply