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Cycas Thouarsii

Beautiful, evergreen cycad with lush, blueish foliage, growing a palm-like trunk over several years


Cycas Thouarsii Madagascar Cycad

Cycas Thouarsii or Madagascar Cycad is a big beautiful, evergreen cycad with lush, green-blue foliage when young,  turning a deep green as it ages.   Ideal to use as a feature plant or planted in with palms and frangipanis for a tropical, resort style. It can get to around 10m in it’s natural habitat. Most likely won’t get that tall in the home garden in the Southwest, but will still develop a palm-like trunk. They like to be planted in the sun or dappled shade, with one or 2 flushes of new growth in the warmer months.

Grows relatively fast for a cycad and looks great at all stages  of growth.


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