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Rock Dust Plus


This is a unique mineral fertiliser made from volcanic rock dust.

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Below is the manufacturer information on what Rock Dust Plus is. We also wrote about our experience in the Nursery using it here


Certified Organic by NASAA

Rock Dust Plus is a unique mineral fertiliser made from volcanic rock dust. It is a blend of 17 ingredients that provides both nutritional and physical benefits. It is non-leaching, completely safe for rivers and waterways and will actually hold onto nutrients and water. It is designed to be included primarily when planting edible crops and will add to the flavour and mineral density of home grown produce by imparting the nutrients, minerals and trace elements from rock dusts and its other ingredient.

Basalt dust provides the fresh rock flour with over 60 minerals. Zeolite, Spongolite and Bentonite give amazing water and nutrient hold ability and increase the cation exchange capacity (CEC), they also provide tiny hotels for beneficial microbes to live in. Rock Phosphate is the organic form of phosphorus and is completely safe for rivers and groundwater. Humalite is almost pure humic acid and provides the carbon needed to stimulate microbes. Small amounts of Dolomite, Lime and Gypsum give Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphur. Potassium Sulphate supplies the potassium needed to sustain plant growth and reproduction. Manganese, Zinc, Copper and Boron are trace elements needed in tiny amounts but very important for enzyme production in plants. Amino Acids, Seaweed Extract and Molasses feed and stimulate microbes.

It is non alkalising and is designed to be used as a continuous ‘little bit often’ input to improve the nutritive quality of the soil and constantly aid in the building of soil structure.

Perfect For

Re-mineralising soil, promoting human health by providing mineral and nutrient dense food. Use on all edibles, flower beds, lawns & natives

How Does It Work

  • It  feeds and stimulates microbial growth necessary for growing healthy plants
  • It imparts minerals and nutrients and naturally occurring trace elements
  • It has a cumulative effect and will continue to improve the soil each time it is applied,  adding to your mineral and nutrient bank
  • It’s the specially formulated Plus that makes our Rock Dust stand out from the rest


  • Improves your soil every time it is used
  • Covers every trace element possible in just the right amount
  • Increases water holding capacity
  • Improves the taste of edibles crops
  • Improves the vigour of crops
  • Enhances colours in flowerbeds
  • River & ground water safe
  • Simple to use





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