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Scaevola Mauve Clusters


Scaevola Mauve Clusters.

These are avail in 14cm pots. Read on for more info

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Scaevola Aemula Mauve Clusters – Fan Flower

This native groundcover is full of sweet clusters of delightful purpley, fan-like flowers most of the year. Scaevola Mauve Clusters can creep along the ground, covering bare, and even hot, dry patches. Attracts lots of bees when in full flower in Summer time.

Scaevola Mauve Clusters creeps outwards up to 1 m. You’ll get a lovely dense carpet of purple/mauve flowers on dark green, foliage. The leaves are quite fleshy as they hold water, making them a great waterwise choice. Plant 40-60cm apart to cover a large area quickly.





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