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Strelitzia Bird of Paradise


Bird of Paradise. Stunning flower stalk thoughout the year. Very easy to keep. Good for a tropical garden look without living in the tropics. Read more below. avail in 25cm pots

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Strelitzia Reginae Bird of Paradise

Strelitzia Bird of Paradise is one flamboyant bird to have in your garden. Bird of Paradise is aptly named, and will add an exotic, tropical look to your garden while being really tough and tolerant of many soil types. Flowers really well when kept tightly in pots.

Bird of Paradise  has large fleshy leaves and tuberous roots that store water, which make it quite drought tolerant. Although, they do look a lot better if they get a regular drink as they grow.

Great for the pool , as they don’t leave a big mess. Great for a tropical look garden, in pots or if you’re close to the coast.





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