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Syngonium Neon

Syngonium podophyllum White Butterfly. Easy going, well behaved trailing plant with heart shaped leaves. Looks great in many garden designs and loves to clamber out of pots. 10cm pots

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Syngonium Neon – gorgeous pink n green toned foliage that slowly matures into a heart or arrow shape – this adorable small, trailing plant is ideal for indoors, patio, or underplanted under taller shrubs, and palms in a tropical or resort style garden.

Also an indoor air purifier, in research undertaken by NASA, syngoniums were included in the plants listed as good air cleaners, filtering toxic compounds that lurk inside of your home from synthetic building materials, paints and furnishings.

Care – Really, really, easy to maintain. Syngoniums can be kept as an upright, bushier plant if regularly pruned.  but otherwise quite low maintenance. Can easily miss a water and still look great



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