Mix n Match Grevillea Special

Grevillea Autumn Waterfall Flower

Mix n Match Grevillea Special


We’ve got several batches of grevilleas ready and waiting to be planted. These are a good size, premium stock and are so easy to look after. They happily grow well around here and look so beautiful and elegant in the garden. And these are ideal if you would like to make a screen to cover your fence or a wall, or to block out the neighbours.

Plus they are very waterwise once established as well as bird and insect attracting. Most of these are long flowering and you’ll see them in flower for most of the year.

These are in 17cm pots for $16.50, 4 for $60 or 10 for $125

And, you can Mix n Match between all of these Grevillea varieties

We have

Check them out here Grevillea Mix n Match Special

And, yes, you can plant them now. Read here for more info on how to plant at any time of year

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