Looking for great quality WA plants that will survive and thrive in your West Australian landscape?

Welcome to Lakeside Nursery. We are a Plant Production Nursery – Located between Bunbury and Busselton (we’re 10 mins south of Bunbury)

Our plants are grown on site and the nursery is outdoors in the open air. As a visitor to our nursery, you are invited by us personally to look at our tree nursery, shade house with indoor plants and general shrublines all situated outside. Within our operating hours stated either here on the website, search engines, social media or by appointment.

The Nursery is our backyard! Cos we live here too, so we’re always here to ensure plants receive maximum care, water and food – which means you get to plant quality happy plants. If you’re in a small urban garden or live on acres of land, we have stacks of native plants and trees, fruit trees, and ornamental trees, indoor plants and shrubs.

Loads of fruit trees like Apples, Pears, Peaches, Plums, Apricots, Nectarines. Many varieties of Avocado like Hass, Bacon, Reed, Fuerte, Pinkerton and Wurtz.  We’re busy grafting avocados every month.  Plus there’s plenty of mediterranean fruit trees like Figs, Persimmons, Olives, Grapes, Mulberries and Citrus – Lemons, Limes, Oranges, Mandarins, Cumquats, Grapefruit.  We also grow lots of hedging and screening plants as well as a beautiful selection of Indoor plants. Bougainvillea varieties and Hibiscus varieties or the resort style garden. Landscaping Shrubs and plants. Plus we have just started stocking roses. If native plants are what you’re after, we have a good selection to choose from. Bareroot Trees available in Winter. Shade Trees avail year round. Farm trees  for shade, and smaller trees for shady backyards avail too. Gift vouchers are available.

 Meet Our Website

lakeside-signOur aim with this website is to enhance how we’re already interacting with you at the nursery,  providing more information about all of our plants for sale and how we can get them to you when you buy plants online –  with pictures , planting ideas, and, if you like, your feedback.     We get loads of questions down here and hope to discuss the most common here on our blog – topics like, what type of soils to use, which plants to choose,  how to grow an avocado tree, how to plant a hedge, or get the most out of your fruit trees. So, we hope we can help you out, using our own observations and experience.


Meet The Plants

Avocado Trees 

How to grow an avocado tree

Pruning Avocado Trees for Fruit

Avocado Trees how to plant

Fruit Trees 

Fruit trees for Spring


Shade Trees 

Ornamental Trees for Shade and beauty


Ornamental Shrubs for your garden

Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants for Your Home and Office


We like to stock plants that lakeside-shrub-nurseryare proven garden performers for this area –  here in Bunbury, the Southwest, and Perth.  Plants here spend their time  outside  where they then harden off getting used to the climate so they’re ready to be planted into your garden landscape.  We give them a lot of love while they’re here, using top quality potting media,  made here on site with lots of planty goodness mixed in, and..we’re  also pretty convinced that talking to the plants keeps them happy.

Meet Us


jack-signIf you do happen to come out and visit us to view our plants, you’ll  find yourself walking through the potting shed to get out to the shrub nursery.  Feel free to have a look around and wander through the rows of plants – we’ll be about somewhere, in front of the potting machine,  in the hothouses, or most likely working out in the nursery.


Be sure to check back here,  as we regularly update and upload new plants. We also have regular nursery specials and sometimes have clearance lines . If you’d like to get notified when these occur,  just pop your name in the Newsletter Sign Up box  up there on the right,  ( or below this post if you’re on a mobile ) to receive our monthly newsletters. Hope you enjoy our plants online.

 Check out our shop and if you have any stock enquiries please contact us here


Nursery Crew

Annette (aka Onya) loves that she gets to play plant nursery all day. You can find her happily out and about in the nursery, reluctantly doing admin or cheerfully updating this website.  She's been playing around with plants for years - since 2000,  having been co-owner of a previous retail nursery/aquarium/pond business with Jack. Lately, Annette's been preoccupied with indoor plants, and is quickly running out of room in the house and office

Nursery Crew

Jack's been busy caring for plants since he was a kid and, like Annette has been in the plant nursery business since 2000.   You can find him very early in the grafting hotseat, til late working around the nursery, in charge of operations and production.

Edwin Lynch

Ed has been helping people build sites like this since he was a wee twenty-something. He was making films when suddenly he got caught on the tsunami of the internet and decided to go digital.

Green Motorbike Frog
Insect Control

This frog, and many others like him, can be found in great numbers down in the nursery. He's been busy keeping insect pest numbers down as well as delighting staff and customers while playing his own special part in the food chain.

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