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Grafted Avocado Trees

A large component of our business here at Lakeside Nursery is producing large quantities of quality Grafted Avocado Trees for small to large avocado orchards in Western Australia. We supply to retail stores with many different varieties for the retail consumer.

We also offer suitable pollinizors for your Hass avocado trees. We can contract grow to order or sell what we have in stock, depending on what we have available and ready at the time.  With purpose built, temperature controlled green houses, we produce quality grafted avocado trees year round on industry accepted rootstock.

Varieties we graft thoughout the year are Hass, Reed, Sheppard, Bacon, Fuerte, Sharwil, Wurtz, Pinkerton, Nabal, Taplin, Rincon, Edranol , Secondo, plus some other collector favourites. We are always on the hunt for new varieties to graft to keep the diversity of avocados locally and also readily available.

Commercial farms, grower, and retailers – contact us with your requirements.

Give us a call  0418 933 376 or email us here with your enquiries or to lock in a time to come and check out our operation

Read below on what we have avail for retail customers

Retail Avocados available as of April 2019

reed avocado

Hass (A) type x 3 sizes from 20cm pots to 30l tubs

Reed (A) type we have a batch that are a great size available

Wurtz (A) type – still growing – we will have 2 different sizes available

Fuerte (B) type – still growing, expect them ready in a few months time

Contact us for more info on what’s available.

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