Bare Root Trees 2022

Bare Root Trees Western Australia

Bareroot Trees 2022

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Here is a list of trees that we will have available starting in June. Please feel free to contact us regarding these trees. We will begin to pot them as we get them in to the nursery. We have the tried and true favourites and also some new lines.


Trees are 2 yr old + .Bareroot – Great Value when bought and planted this way. They will need to be potted or planted asap as roots need to be kept from dessicating- which is very easy to do if not kept in potting media.  While Bareroot has its advantages – transport is easier and trees are cheaper -especially good if you are buying trees in bulk –  the growth success of the tree is now up to you.


Small Trees

Magnolia Soulangeana – first flowers of spring, this is a deciduous magnolia with a tulip shaped flowers a deep, bur These will go quick. Grows a compact 3m x 2m

Maple – Bloodgood – These were very popular last season. They only grow 2/3m and are a vivid shade of red from Spring right through to Autumn. Classic maple like leaf.

Maple  – Pink Flamingo – These are a variegated Maple growing 4/5m. This is a relatively new variety that we can’t wait to try! These should go quick $60

Avondale Redbud or Chinese Redbud – Cercis chinensisthis one only grows 3m x 2m. Is very similar to other Cercis trees with its cute, dark pink, pea like flowers in early spring, followed by heart shaped green foliage.

Maple Japanese Green  The toughest of the Japanese Maples. Soft green foliage in Spring – Brilliant colours in Autumn.

Flowering Plum – Elvins – Grows 3m x 3m. Flowers change from white to pink. Dark Green foliage. Beautiful Tree

Weeping Mulberry   Classic feature tree. Delicious mulberries in summer time. Weeping habit. –


Medium Trees

Silver Birch  Suits many landscape styles. This tree looks beautiful in Winter time with its crackled, bark against a stark white trunk. Plant on its own or in a copse . Shine a garden light up to it at night time. Such a gorgeous, character tree. Grows 8-10m. Large  2m

Prunus Nigra – Flowering Cherry Plum  Classic small to medium sized tree. Looks great when planted amongst other green trees.

Manchurian Pear Classic tree, favoured by landscapers. Masses of white flowers, green, shiny foliage, followed by brilliant red Autumn Colours

Snow Pear – Another classic tree with silver/grey foliage. Masses of Spring flowers. Very tough, adaptable tree.

Weeping Crab Apple – Stunning Feature tree. Red flowers in Spring –


Large Trees

Claret Ash– very easy care tree that can grow up to 15m. Starts off green, then changes into a lovely deep shade of …well…claret! Provides a good contrast to other green foliage in the garden.

London Plane – Make sure you’ve got the room for this Grand Tree. It grows up to 20m and spreads out very wide too. Fast growing shade tree, ideal for those with larger properties


Fig – Brown Turkey –

Fig White Adriatic

Fig Adam

Apple Dwarf Leprechaun – Dwarf Granny Smith

Apple Dwarf Pinkabelle – Dwarf Pink Lady

Grape- Crimson Seedless

Grape – Flame Seedless

Grape Dawn Seedless

Grape Red Globe

Grape Autumn Ornamental

Almond Self Pollinating

White Mulberry