How to Plant Your Avocado Tree

grafted avocado tree Reed

You’ve just got your hands on an avocado tree. It’s still a baby and just like a baby, it doesn’t like being left out in the cold, wind or sun. It’s been in a nice cozy spot inside a hothouse or greenhouse, where it has been protected from the winter and summer extreme temps. Protecting […]



Bougainvillea Love or hate them – no one can deny their stunning blooms in the warm weather. Bougainvillea are an  extremely hardy plant that can handle everything our local environment throws at it. They’re ideal for our climate here in WA with our hot, dry summers. Bougainvillea like a hot spot in the garden, to […]

Cool Your Home – Choosing Trees for Shade

shade trees

Cool Your Home with Trees Is your street hot? Are you living in an area that is suffering from the Urban Heat Island Effect and craving some shade? Don’t just put up a patio or shade sails, plant more trees!  The best trees for shade to cool down your home are those massive trees planted […]