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When Is The Best Time to Plant?

planting tree

Chances are, the reason you’re reading this article is because you’ve got some plants to get in the ground.   So here’s our quick answer –  yes, it is ok to plant right now, what ever time of year it may be. You see, we’re opportunistic around here and know that ‘when you’ve got the time’  is […]

Some (Quirky!) New Indoor Plants

Spathiphyllum Mutant

We’ve got some beauties  growing away in our hothouses right now. Here’s a small selection of what’s looking good and what’s coming. These are a little bit different if you’re wanting something else that no one has. Asplenium antiquum Victoria   Really charming plant. Will grow beautifully indoors or outside in the garden. Gorgeous, ruffled […]

Which Plant is Best For Hedging?

Narrow Down your choices Hedges are used in the garden mainly to form a backdrop, hide a fence or be the fence, and are a great way to add borders. So which plant to use and how many will you need you ask?  Well, it depends on how you want your hedge to behave.  Are […]

Cool Your Home – Choosing Trees for Shade

shade trees

Cool Your Home with Trees Is your street hot? Are you living in an area that is suffering from the Urban Heat Island Effect and craving some shade? Don’t just put up a patio or shade sails, plant more trees!  The best trees for shade to cool down your home are those massive trees planted […]

Rock Dust Fertiliser for Plant Health

magnolia LIttle Gem Rock Dust

  Add Basalt rock to your garden. It’s volcanic and chokkas full of minerals. Rock Dust Fertiliser for Nutrient Dense Plants. The only supplementary gardening products we promote and sell is stuff we actually use in the nursery for growing and maintaining the plants to the standard that you see out here.  As well as […]