Employment @ Lakeside Nursery                                                               

Nursery Worker      IMMEDIATE START    

Must be Available Between 9- 5  Monday to Friday

Hey there! So you have found your way to this page. Thankyou for you for that! It means you have a love for plants and outdoor work.

We are on the lookout for a new team member/s to join our plant production team. At Lakeside Nursery  – our focus is on producing premium quality plants and trees so that they survive and thrive once they go to their new homes. We need you to have excellent standards and commitment to completion with attention to detail.

We have been in the nursery industry since 2000. Have been in the production nursery since 2010. At the nursery, we grow the majority of plants right here on site. There are many jobs that we do. Depending on which plants we are growing and the time of year.  Propagation from seed, cuttings, grafting, tissue culture, dividing, Potting of Tubestock. Repotting. Clipping and tidying potted plants.  Staking and Taping batches of plants. Weeding. Lots of weeding. Fertiliser and herbicide application. It’s varied and never dull. The days are always different. You will notice the weather every single day as we work in the shed and outside or in the green houses.

Job Description – Horticulture Nursery Worker

  • Potting of stock using potting machine, loading trailers and putting down of stock where and how instructed.
  • Picking of stock and packing of orders onto truck. Efficiency, care and attention to detail and time management skills are essential as we work to get plants on time to meet delivery deadlines
  • Need to be fit and active, like to move around outside in the weather, in our greenhouses and potting shed and don’t mind getting your hands dirty
  • There will be other general nursery maintenance jobs as required plus customer service
  • We need team members who can move around fast, are quick with their hands and help to keep our plant production up to a high, quality standard.
  • You will be need to be able to work efficiently by yourself – sometimes you will be doing jobs on your own
  • Your role will include the active learning of the plants we grow and nursery operations
  • Previous experience in horticulture or agriculture will be an advantage for this role, as well as knowledge of plants


Here’s how to apply

  1. Please email – sales@lakesidenursery.com.au with your attached CV and a cover letter telling us about you
  2. In the Subject line of email please put  ‘ RESUME Nursery worker ‘  just so we can search through and easily find you
  3. Make sure you include references on your resume,  with names and contact phone numbers
  4. Please do not apply if you are not used to working outside like this, are unfit, or cannot perform the above job description duties. Lots of time is spent moving around, with plants, as part of maintenance and care
  5.  Please do not apply if you are unable to fulfill the hours required.  Monday to Friday between the hours of 9-5  
  6.  No Phone contact at this stage – (or messages through social medias – so we can streamline  job applicants through one avenue so we can find them easily – thanks so much!)
  7. We will then organise a time to meet if suitable.



Thankyou for your interest

WA State Horticulture Awards – Please read this award – Click here to find it here

Above award will apply to the right candidate.