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Avocado Tree Hass (A)


Please read below for info on Hass Avocados



Avocado Tree Hass

Avocado Tree Hass is the most popular variety, grown commercially, for its flavour, storing and shipping qualities. Flavour is nutty with a creamy textured flesh.  Picked Green, Hass develops a darker, purple shade as it ripens.  Skin is rough and pebbled and easy to peel. Hass is ready to pick from late Winter to Spring. Has a long harvest time. Can be pruned and kept at a reasonable backyard size.

Pollinizers  – Bacon and Fuerte

*Please note – these are infant trees – Look after them like your own babies.   Protect from wind, sun and cold while young – Leave them in a nice warm, wind free area – somewhere like your patio. Plant out with protection from elements.

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