Bare Root Trees 2019

Forest Pansy Foliage

Bareroot Trees 2019

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*UPDATE – These trees are now potted. 

Here is a list of trees that we will have available starting in June/July sometime. Please feel free to contact us regarding these trees. We will begin to pot them as we get them in to the nursery. We have the tried and true favourites and also some new lines.


Stock is limited to what we have in stock.   Once we have received your order and payment, we will tag the trees off as yours to come and collect.

Trees are 2 yr old Bareroot – Great Value when bought and planted this way

*We can order more in – subject to availability plus freight

Small Trees

Magnolia Genie – first flowers of spring, this is a deciduous magnolia with a tulip shaped flowers a deep, burgundy colour. These will go quick. Grows a compact 3m x 2m

Weeping Silver Birch – Grafted Silver Birch – looks so elegant as a feature tree. Click here for a pic of a potted tree we had in the nursery

Maple – Bloodgood – These were very popular last season. They only grow 2/3m and are a vivd shade of red from Spring right through to Autumn. Classic maple like leaf. Here’s a link to our potted bloodgood maple trees

Maple  – Pink Flamingo – These are a variegated Maple growing 4/5m. This is a relatively new variety that we can’t wait to try! These should go quick

Forest Pansy Cercis canadensis –  The little flowers on this tree are a spectacular , deep pink colour that occurs early Spring on its bare branches.  Burgundy, heart shaped foliage emerges shortly after and stays Burgundy until Autumn, where yellow tones take over before the leaf drop. Grows 5m x 5m This little tree is beautiful, even in Winter when all the leaves have dropped with it’s beautiful black, zig-zaggy branches. – here’s a link for more pics in our nursery

Judas Tree  Cercis siliquastrum – another small tree – 6m x 4m . Brilliant show of purple, pea-like flowers on bare branches. Foliage emerges burgundy/green. Just like the Forest Pansy, the Judas tree also has interesting zig-zag like branches. These 2 trees are very similar and tolerate similar conditions – they don’t like wet feet, but can tolerate periods of dryness once established.

Avondale Redbud or Chinese Redbud – Cercis chinensisthis one only grows 3m x 2m. Is very similar to other Cercis trees with its cute, dark pink, pea like flowers in early spring, followed by heart shaped green foliage.


Medium Trees

Tupelo Tree – Nyssa Sylvatica – Grows 8 x 5m – has a classic pyramid shaped tree with Rich Autumn colours. Tolerates wet soils somewhat. Moderate growing tree.

Chinese Elm – The Chinese Elm tree grows into a medium sized, shade tree with lots of character – Developing a spotted trunk as it matures, it’s branches are slightly pendulous.  Grows around 7-10m. Link to our Chinese Elm potted trees

Chinese Pistachio – Very easy to grow small/medium sized tree. Great for suburban back yards. Classic roundish tree shape. This is an ornamental tree, not the fruiting. It Tolerates dry, sandy soils, once established. Beautiful, red Autumn colours mixed with orange and yellows. Lovely green Summer foliage too. Link to potted Chinese Pistachio

Ash Cimmzam – Fraxinus pensylvanica – Cimmaron/American AshGreat shade tree growing 8/10m.  Said to tolerate dry areas and windy spots, once established in the garden. The foliage is a beautiful green that changes with Autumn into fiery oranges/reds.

Ornamental Elm Green Mist – Variegated Foliage!! Need we say more? – this one has more white with a deep green leaf colour. Grows 8/10m x 4/ 5m wide. We haven’t had this one in the nursery yet, but we’re sure these will go fast as they’re quite a different look. Tolerates a lot of soil types.

Weeping Mulberry Hicks – very elegant medium sized tree with hanging branches. Grafted at 1.8m, the grafted part of the tree will branch out and over with a lovely, weeping habit which can be easily pruned.  Fruits from Spring-Summer time . Here’s a link to our potted stock

Capital Pear – Upright, ornamental Pear tree growing 10-11m x 2-3m. These look really great as an avenue , or to screen a fence. Ornamental Pear trees are super easy to grow, and can handle many different environments. They have beautiful spring blossoms and gorgeous shiny foliage. They also colour up nicely with Autumn orangey/red tones.

Silver Birch –  Classic tree that suits many landscape styles. This tree looks beautiful in Winter time with its crackled, bark against a stark white trunk. Plant on its own or in a copse . Shine a garden light up to it at night time. Such a gorgeous, character tree. Grows 8-10m.

Ornamental Maple – Sensation –  A stunning, symmetrical growing tree that’ll grow 7/8m – and can be used as a pleaching / hedge on legs situation due to this uniform growth habit.  Beautiful Autumn Colours of orange yellow, red. (unlike it’s parent , Acer negundo (box elder)  which stays more of a solid , light green (still beautiful, but just different)  On a side note,  Acer negundo is an extremely tough tree that tolerates a load of different environments, including wet and dry feet.  The Sensation’s leaves break down quickly after dropping, which is good news for the lazy gardener that doesn’t like the leaf drop.  Can we call this tree self cleaning??

Large Trees

Claret Ash– very easy care tree that can grow up to 15m. Starts off green, then changes into a lovely deep shade of …well…claret! Provides a good contrast to other green foliage in the garden.

London Plane – Make sure you’ve got the room for this Grand Tree. It grows up to 20m and spreads out very wide too. Fast growing shade tree, ideal for those with larger properties.

Tulip Tree – Liriodendron tulipifera – a large, fast growing specimen tree originating from the USA in the Magnolia family. Big n beautiful, tulip shaped flowers, the Tulip Tree can grow 15m+ and if you’ve got the room on your property, it’ll become a grand old shade tree.