Tuart Forest Primary School Mother’s Day Fundraiser

cordyline and syngonium planters

Welcome to Tuart Forest Primary School Mother’s Day Fundraiser 

This fundraiser has now finished. Interested in a plant fundraiser for your school? Get in touch with us to discuss

Celebrate Mother’s Day with the gift of a living plant for Mum!

Indoor Plants are In!    As well as being highly decorative, keeping plants indoors have loads of of air filtering benefits for your home    We’ve been testing out indoor plants for many years and grow those that are easy to keep.  Now we’re making it easy for you to get a gift for Mum.

It’s easy, here’s what to do

  • Select from the plants below and place your order here online

  •  Pick up from school on Friday 6 May from 2.30pm, just in time for Mother’s Day 8 May

Thankyou!!  We are grateful for your support. As well as purchasing great quality plants you’ll be helping our  P&C association  raise funds for school resources that benefit your kids