Avocado Tree Maintenance – Pruning for fruit

Hass avocado tree

Pruning Avocado Trees

Jack’s been busy maintaining our little avocado orchard. These are 3 year old trees and now they’re all loaded with fruit. Here we have Hass Avocado trees. We have been tip pruning these all Summer for the scion wood, but we need to now prune some branches to allow sunlight in and to keep the fruit within easy reach, as fruit grows on new wood. Pruning also encourages multi-branches where the cut occurs, and this will provide us with even more fruit. Commercial Orchardists have been doing this as a way of increasing yields with great results.  They plant them closer together than previous and cut the tops to keep them from getting too high and unmanageable without the use of machinery. Almost like a big avocado hedge.