Love or hate them – no one can deny their stunning blooms in the warm weather.

Bougainvillea are an  extremely hardy plant that can handle everything our local environment throws at it. They’re ideal for our climate here in WA with our hot, dry summers. Bougainvillea like a hot spot in the garden, to cover a wall or use as security to cover a fence. To keep thorns under control, lightly prune as it grows, and you won’t get those arching long thorns.

You can also keep it under control by growing in pots, where they look lovely cascading down, or climbing up mediterranean style. They also make a spectacular standard topiary.

Bougainvillea like a lot of sunlight to bloom and don’t like to be kept in soil that is too wet. Once roots are established, a couple of years after planting, they seem to thrive on neglect. Leave them alone, don’t water and you’ll be rewarded with amazing, intense summer and autumn colour. The blooms aren’t the flowers. They’re actually the bract – the tiny flowers are white and you’ll see them inside the bracts.

There aren’t many pest problems associated with bougainvillea – they’re super easy.


Check out or vareities grown here . 

We usually change things up and have new types growing in our greenhouses .

Right now, we have -Hawaiian Gold, Vera Blakeman, Purple Cascade, Pink Clusters, Magnifica Trailii