Some (Quirky!) New Indoor Plants

Spathiphyllum Mutant

We’ve got some beauties  growing away in our hothouses right now. Here’s a small selection of what’s looking good and what’s coming. These are a little bit different if you’re wanting something else that no one has.

Asplenium antiquum Victoria

asplenium victoria


Really charming plant.

Will grow beautifully indoors or outside in the garden. Gorgeous, ruffled outer edges of fronds. The fronds will grow 1.2m x 1.2m diameter. Plant in dappled light outside or filtered light indoors. Easy to keep indoors.

This one is quite easy to care for.






Pineapple Pure Gold 

Pineapple-Pure Gold



Have you ever grown a pineapple? Try this one- Pure Gold. A commercially grown pineapple that you’ll find in the super markets.

Try to grow it indoors. They don’t like the cold winters anyway. You only need one plant and they take about 1-1.5yrs to produce a fruit! Just pop it with your other plants and maybe one day you’ll discover a pineapple!





Shell Ginger – Variegated

Alpinia Zerumbet Variegated Leaf



Fast growing foliage 2-3m high. Great for pots or to fill a spot in a shady garden. This is variegated, so more gold stripings will come through as the plant grows. A really easy indoor plant with big effect.







Spathiphyllum Sensation Clumping mutant



We’ve had to come up with a name for this spathiphyllum as it was meant to be Sensation. You know the largest of the Spathiphyllum plants? Well this one has come up as an unknown ‘new’ variety. Perhaps it’s a mutation of Sensation. So we like to call it the clumping mutant as it seems more clumpier than Sensation that grows singly in a pot. Looks really good anyhow!

Grab it cos your friends likely won’t have this one.




Syngonium Golden Allusion

Syngonium Allusion 125mm



Golden Syngonium is a tad slower growing than others. It will grow upright for awhile then trail downwards . Unusual gold colour will light up a dark area.

These are selling super fast. Avail in small 100mm pots








Philodendron Emerald

Philodendron Emerald 100mm



A climbing philodendron with sweet heart shaped leaves growing bigger as the plant matures. As with other philodendrons, these can be grown indoors or outside in the shade. The plant likes to climb, so give it good support and it’ll look amazing.