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Avocado Tree Wurtz (A)


These are available to purchase – they’re small in little square planting pots – but have been in such demand that customers are taking them as they are. They will need to be grown out – potted on and babied through the Winter time.

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Avocado Tree Wurtz (A)  Dwarf

Avocado Tree Wurtz is a smaller avocado tree, being a true genetic dwarf variety. Wurtz produces medium sized, dark green fruit.  It can grow 4-6m high and can be kept pruned to around 2m, encouraging it to spread out so that you can reach the avos. They have a long fruiting period, spread out over a few months between July – Nov.

Wurtz is a type A avocado – and will benefit from having a pollinizer of B variety like Bacon or Fuerte.

Avocados have a spreading, shallow root system, and do not tolerate saturated soil, so adequate drainage is essential.

Please note – these are infant trees – Look after them like your own babies.   Protect from wind, sun and cold for a few seasons – Leave them in a nice warm, wind free area – somewhere like your patio.

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