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We’re quite thrilled to get this new site up and running!   Our aim here  is to enhance how we’re already interacting with you at the nursery,  providing more information about all of our plants for sale and how we can get them to you when you buy plants online –  with pictures , planting ideas, and, if you like, your feedback.     We get loads of questions down here and hope to discuss the most common here on this blog – topics like, what type of soils to use, which plants to choose,  how to plant a hedge, or get the most out of your fruit trees. So, we hope we can help you out, using our own observations and experience.


 Meet The Plants

Our plant stock lines are growing in numbers.

We like to stock plants that lakeside-shrub-nurseryare proven garden performers for this area –  here in Bunbury, the Southwest, and Perth.  Plants here spend their time  outside  where they then harden off getting used to the climate so they’re ready to be planted into your garden landscape.  We give them a lot of love while they’re here, using top quality potting media,  made here on site with lots of planty goodness mixed in, and..we’re  also pretty convinced that talking to the plants keeps them happy.


Meet Us

jack-signIf you do happen to come out and visit us to view our plants, you’ll  find yourself walking through the potting shed to get out to the shrub nursery.  Don’t be shy, have a look around and wander through the rows of plants – we’ll be about somewhere, in front of the potting machine,  in the hothouses, or most likely working out in the nursery.


Be sure to check back here,  as we regularly update and upload new plants. We also have regular nursery specials and sometimes have clearance lines . If you’d like to get notified when these occur,  just pop your name in the Newsletter Sign Up box  up there on the right,  ( or below this post if you’re on a mobile ) to receive our monthly newsletters. Hope you enjoy our plants online.

Well, better get back to it,  got lots of  trees to pot …

                      Look forward to getting in touch soon.  jackannette

5 thoughts on “Meet our new website

  1. Janet Hardy says:

    Grafted avocado update………I purchased a grafted avocado from you in June and so far all looks well. We have an east facing bathroom so I decided to keep the plant in the bath for protection from wind/sun and dogs! It gets a weekly dose of fish fertiliser outside when the weather permits. The scions have not shrivelled and the tape has split in a couple of places. There are 2 grafts and both seem to be OK. Do I leave the tape in place? I plan to repot in August unless you suggest another time…… Cheers Janet

    • Annette Tickenoff says:

      Great news Janet,
      Sounds like you have picked just the right spot for it!
      Repotting wont be necessary for another 12 or so months, by then your tree will appreciate some more root space. You can leave the tape on , it is specially designed to pull away and will eventually let go where it needs to. We love fish guts fert too, and so do our plants. There are so many great benefits from using these sorts of tonics, but remember they are not a true fert as such, and wont supply all the nutrient required. When we potted the trees we did use a 12-14 month controlled release fert, and you wont need to re-apply any until November.


  2. Trish Wren says:

    Great site only one thing that would be good and that is a search button to find any plant someone may be looking for.
    I was looking for crepe myrtles but did not know what area to look under

    • Annette Tickenoff says:

      Thanks for the feedback Trish. On the upper left hand corner of every page, under ‘Home’ there is a magnifying glass symbol. Hover over that and you can search the site…but…you won’t find Crepe Myrtles because I haven’t added them yet! Maybe that search symbol is a bit tricky to spot? Again, thanks for taking the time out to tell us how you want to use the site. I’ll be uploading Crepe Myrtles soon – in the meantime, I’ll email with what we’ve got in available in stock if you like.

      • Edwin Lynch says:

        Hi guys, Ed-web-dev here (Edwin) :)
        I’ve tried to make search more prominent for people by putting it in front of the home page. Keep the comments coming and I’ll tweak as I go into the site. Checking all updates are up to date now… (bye, bye).

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